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Thank you for your interest in the 荣誉项目! 申请到该计划通过 提交申请 and by sending a letter of recommendation from a teacher to honors@noctrl.edu.


Our prestigious and rigorous 荣誉项目 provides a unique opportunity for you to expand and demonstrate your knowledge beyond the traditional classroom. Hear from our students and how they put their education into practice.


The 荣誉项目 is designed for students, 主修任何专业, who are interested in taking intellectual risks and engaging in rigorous and meaningful work. It is an opportunity to test and push your limits with the support of expert faculty and encouragement of fellow honors students.


You will be surrounded and supported by students who also enjoy discovering new concepts, examining contemporary topics from different perspectives and working to become leaders in their fields. The program is designed for students with the motivation to make the most of their college experience. 立博在线体育知道荣誉课程很棒, but you don’t have to take our word for it—we’ll let our students tell their stories.


There are so many reasons to apply, but we will narrow the list to just three:

1. 市场需要的技能

Participating in the 荣誉项目 speaks volumes about your abilities and aspirations—and future employers and graduate schools are listening. Employers and graduate programs say they are seeking candidates with the ability to collect and analyze information, collaborate within a team and demonstrate independent initiative. Your honors courses and thesis project will equip you with these and many other essential skills.

2. 支援社区

You will be supported by a community of high-achieving peers and professors who will sharpen your inquiry skills and help you achieve your goals. 但立博在线体育也有很多乐趣! We host social and cultural events designed to foster relationships and create lasting memories. 过去的事件包括:

  • Back to School Picnic to kick off the school year
  • 每学期期中考试后的欢乐时光
  • Honor Salons at which faculty are invited to share their innovative research
  • Seasonal events:  Fall Festival, Winter Formal Dance, Spring Banquet
  • 芝加哥实地考察

3. 毕业表彰

Your completion of the 荣誉项目 will be featured on your official North Central transcript and highlighted in the Commencement program. The 荣誉项目 will conclude with a special cording ceremony during which your thesis director will present you with your honors cords.  还有你们的荣誉毕业生, you will proudly wear those cords as you cross the Commencement stage.


How does the 荣誉项目 fit with my major?

The 荣誉项目 is different from your high school honors or AP courses. Rather than taking an honors section of a chemistry or math class, honors courses at North Central are unique courses that will be spread out across semesters throughout the duration of your time here. The number of specific honors courses you take is smaller than the amount needed for a minor.


Your honors thesis is the capstone course for the 荣誉项目. You get the opportunity to work one-on-one with an expert faculty member on a project you design together. It might sound overwhelming, but it’s an incredible experience. You chart the course for this year-long independent study. 过去的研究领域包括:

  • Traditional research based on laboratory work
  • Analysis of a piece of art or a significant text in your field
  • 艺术表演
  • 实验社会科学研究
  • 扩展商业计划
  • Community-based research project with a local organization


作为一名荣誉学生, you have the option to live in a residence hall only available to students in the 荣誉项目. We call this a “living learning community.” The living learning community provides access to faculty, study spaces and specialized social and cultural programs. Honors housing is not traditional freshman housing, therefore, there may be a difference in cost. Traditionally, the honors living learning community is housed in Ward and Patterson Halls.










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